Still at It is the original, 2004 version of the rephotography layer for an atlas of the Black Hills. Under “Photo archive” you can access the photos and see them laid out in Google Earth.


WhereintheHills taught me that microarchives like WhereintheHills were part of the problem for which a national ground photo database is the solution. I continued the Black Hills project but let the web-posted content lag far behind what’s on my machine. Hopefully late summer 2013 for a 2.0 kind of update.


You can also see some change pairs at Picasa, from when I was looking around for an easy way to embed image sequences like this:



It works (usually), and I like the “back side” metaphor though it’s quite minimal. But it doesn’t work as well embedded as it does on Picasa itself– meaningless dissolves, no keyboard control, no looping, and the giant green play button is misleading. There’s something out there better than this.


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